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Do as I Doobie Do

By Jamie Badman

Here is a effect from a very good friend of mine. Well I had to twist both his arms to get it but that's O.K. I got a trick. And here it is for you try out.


This is a three-phase Prediction/Do-as-I-do effect; for the first two phases you make a prediction and the spectator selects a card that matches. For the final phase the spectator copies you in a ritual of selecting a card and when both cards are revealed they also match!


There's little originality here with each of the phases but the effect as a whole is my own creation. I wanted a three phase effect which appeared to be repeating but in fact uses quite different methods each time.


1. Have the spectator thoroughly shuffle the deck. Take back the deck and spread the cards with the faces towards you, as you comment on how well mixed the deck is. As you spread the cards, look for two cards together which match in color and value. Cut these to the back. If none exist then glimpse the card at the back of the deck and cull it's mate under the spread next to it.

2. Now shuffle the deck once more briefly, keeping the two card setup in place - if you can, replace the card which is on the face, ensuring that the spectator is now unaware of what card lies in this position. 

3. Hold the cards so that there faces cannot be seen and state that you are going to make a prediction. Upjog the mate of the card that is on the face of the deck. Then, as if in half a mind, upjog another card. Then push this card back, saying that although you've got a strong feeling about both cards you'll go with your first instinct. Strip the prediction card out of the deck and place it on your mat to your right.

4. Place the deck face down on your mat and say how what you are going to do is very difficult, so to make it a little more likely to succeed you would like to work with just half the cards. Have the spectator cut the deck in half. Take the bottom half and spread it, asking the spectator to touch any card. When he/she does, turn all the cards above the selection face up, grasp the selection beneath the face up cards in the right hand and flip the left hand cards face up also, in the process performing a Mexican Turnover in the hands to switch the selection for the card beneath the left hand packet. 

5. Say how the spectator had a completely free choice of all the cards. Now outjog the selected card, close the spread and turn the cards face down to show the selected card and slide it to your left on the mat. Have the spectator turn over the prediction. They match!

6. Now put the two cards to one side then Riffle Shuffle the half you have in your hands into the other half, maintaining the two cards at the top. Double Cut the card at the bottom of the deck to the top (i.e. above the pair). Now say you'll try again...using the card you almost chose as your prediction last time. Spread the cards towards you and glimpse the card you cut to the top. Upjog the mate of this card and place it face down to your right.

Close the spread and turn the cards face down.

7. Explain that you're growing in confidence and so you'll repeat what you did before but this time with all the cards. Spread them and have the spectator touch one. Fairly remove this card, keeping it face down, and place it to your left. Now turn over both tabled cards at the same time but performing a Curry Turnover on the card to your left. Again they match!

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