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Counter Productive

By Gordon Bruce

I seem to have known Gordon since the beginning of time! His skill, creativity and knowledge is are recognised world-wide. And as a collector and historian, he is among the elite. 

The effect that follows was originally created by Gordon for a friend with limited sleight of hand ability. In brief: a selected card is found at a chosen number, twice. The second time the card has mysteriously turned face up!

You requite a double backed card for this. Gordon suggests you make a temporary double-backer by sticking two cards face-to-face with saliva. The gaff is on top of the deck to begin.


1. Have a card chosen and returned. Control the card to the top above the gaff. There are several ways to do this, but a simple way is to undercut half the deck - have the card replaced on top of the upper half - place the other half on top and keep a break - finally Double Cut to the break.

2. Ask the spectator to give you any number, say, between 10 and 20, though there is no real restriction here. Let's say he says 15.

With the deck face down in left hand dealing grip, count off 15 cards into your right hand, on on top of the other reversing their order. As you count the 15th card, look at him and say, "Fifteen?" Immediately turn your right hand and slap all the 15 cards on top of the deck. The selected card is seen face up on top. Remove this card and show it. A face down card appears on top of the deck now and everything is taken as being in order.

NOTE: If you wish to perform the repeat phase, you must keep a break under the cards after you slap them onto the deck.

Finally flip the selection face down on top of the deck, acting as if the trick is over. Everyone relaxes.

3. At this moment, casually raise the deck slightly at the front - at the same time your right hand flips over the 15 cards above the break. This done by sliding the packet to the right, then turning it over - like closing a book. This is done like a casual squaring action -  it's not an invisible move, it's not a move at all, but we have a "dead moment" where the audience believe the trick is over. You just do it.

4. Now, say, "Maybe you would like to see that again? Here, you try it this time." Give the deck to the spectator - remind him that his number was 15, then ask him to slowly count to the 15th card. This time the selection will appear face up, which will be a big surprise to bring the trick to its conclusion.  

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