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In The Nick of Time

By Peter Duffie

Let me tell you a little about Peter. He is first class in all respects. And I must say it is a privilege for me to call him a good friend. Many times I have been stuck somewhere in a routine, who comes to the rescue? Yes you're right Peter Duffie. I owe a lot to him. His mind is like a clock! It just seems to click into place and out comes another book, or trick. Magicians all over the world respect him for his knowledge in magic. Bobby Bernard refers to him as the leader of the SCOTTISH MAFIA!

Two cards are selected and signed on their faces. Each is sealed inside a separate envelope. One is chosen and burnt. As it burns, you state that the card will leave invisibly and arrive safely inside the other sealed envelope. The other envelope is opened by a spectator and two cards are tipped out.

These are both signed cards. However, when the card that was supposedly burnt is turned over its back is seen to be badly charred! Seemingly, the card just escaped in the nick of time!

For this you need a card that is burnt on the back only (not a new concept). You can do this by holding a lighter under it and moving it from side to side so it doesn’t penetrate to the face. However, a better option is to split the back off a card and do a proper job on it! Then split the back off another card and glue this in its place. Place the charred card 3rd from the top and have two small envelopes at hand. Also an ashtray or metal plate. You’re ready to proceed.


1. Jog Shuffle retaining the top stock then finally give the deck a cut and hold a break. Ask someone to call stop as you riffle down the outer left corner - here you simply carry out a Riffle Force and lift of all the cards from the break. Place these to the bottom. Hand a spectator a pen.

2. Lift off the top three cards as two and turn them face up onto the deck. Push over the top card to show two faces. Have one spectator sign the top card, then remove this card and have a second spectator sign the other card. Take care not to expose the third face up card. Replace the first signed card then turn all three cards face down again.

3. Lift off the top card and insert into one of the envelopes and ask a spectator to seal it. Now lift off the top two cards as one and insert the double into the other envelope. Ask the other spectator to seal it. Place the rest of the deck aside as it is no longer needed.

4.Pick up the two envelopes and shift them from hand to hand as you show them both sides (you want the audience to lose sight of which is which. But do keep a eye on the one that contains the single card as this will be burnt. Lay both envelopes on the table and ask someone to pick up any envelope. If the choose the one with the odd card, say, “We’re going to burn this one.” If they choose the one with the selections, say, “Please keep that and don’t let me touch it again.” Either way, you now burn the envelope with the odd card.

5. Finally ask the spectator to open the envelope he is holding and tip out the contents. It is best here to turn his wrist so both cards exit face up and the charred back is not yet seen. The card has indeed flown from the burnt envelope into this one. Allow the effect to register. Then, as an afterthought, reach forward and slowly turn over the charred card, saying, “Wow! It looks like the card just escaped in the nick of time!”

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