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Jerry Andrus Vol.3

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Hi there. Just had a look at the Andrus tape, volume 2. Not a bad tape. There are eight effects on it and here are some details.

ACCUPRESSURE: Which is a large steel ball bearing appears in the palm of your hands after showing both your hands empty.

WHISPERING ACES: Was next a multiphase routine where 4 signed aces are lost in the deck but keep coming back to the top. The final 2 phases have the aces change places with 4 indifferent cards on the table finally vanish to appear in your pocket!

TO ANY SMALL NUMBER: A signed card is lost in the deck. The spectator names a number between 1 -5 . When they count to that number they find there selection!

SLOP TRIUMPH: A unique two phase routine where cards are shuffled face-up face-down .When the deck is spread the cards are all facing the same way. The first phase incorporates a selection.

TRACKER JACK: Great title! Two jacks are placed face up and a signed selection is placed face down in different parts of the deck. When the deck is spread the selection is found sandwiched between two jacks.

ANY CARD ANY NUMBER: A signed selection at a freely thought of position in the deck!

SIMILARITIES: A multiphase routine where you divine the names of selected cards with the final kicker having an indifferent card change into the selection.

BOWED DECK DISPLAY: A wild flourish with a warped deck of cards! (performance only)

He also teaches you different sleights: The Panoramic Shift, Canceled Count, Sidewinder Shift,  Sleeving from the Deck and several more.

This is just what is on the tape. It is not a bad tape at all. Some of the younger magicians who have not seen Jerry Andrus before will like some of his work .His Miser's Miracle is a great coin routine (not on this tape but is on the previous one). I'll tell you more about it in the forthcoming reviews.


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