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Yves Doumergue's

Yves is a young French guy who loves magic as far as I can see, he takes pride in his work. The effect is a torn restored card which he does in 3 different ways, the first effect is the easy the best not to say the other are not but I think you will have to spend a little more time with than the 1st.The the joining of the first parts looks great the third part is slightly a bit harder but not hard to master fourth part is great and with the name of the person wrote along the back of the card at the beginning really finished it off. And for me it was worth the asking price.

Effect number 2 is good as well. It's a puzzle card where a signed selected card is torn into four pieces and is restored in the strangest way! After two of the pieces are fused together, you restore the card in a mismade condition, where two of the corners are in the wrong place. A wave of the hand and the card is back to normal. I ask you what more do you want?


A further variation of Ripped & Restored where all four of the corners of the card are signed prior to tearing. The restoration of the card is made by making each of the signed pieces fuse together until the entire card is full restored.

Well my friends there you have it. If you want to judge for yourself then I recommend you buy it. Remember, this is only my views on it, but ask around and hear what other people have to say then judge for yourself if you want to get it!


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