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R. Paul Wilson

Well here we go. I have just got the Paul Wilson tape Twists of Fate. There are 11 tricks.

IN THE HANDS OF JUNE -  a mental miracle where 2 spectators just think of a card. Paul finds the cards by just spelling to them I must say I liked this one has some nice bits of by play in it.

PENNIHOOK - a coin trick where you hang a coins on a invisible hooks. Nice to watch and Paul handles it well. A variation of a Larry Jennings trick. John Ramsay, of course, gave us the idea of Skyhooks.

GAMBLERS MARK - a trick with a borrowed deck if you wish you do a demonstration of your gambling skills. Strong Aces with a kicker at the end.

COIN POPPER - another coin trick using and I think is one of the weakest tricks on the video Of course that's just my opinion maybe other people might disagree.

SECOND DEALING - a card effect using the Second deal ! Paul says "It does not matter if you second deal or not you can still do this trick." Which is true but to do it justice I think you have to Second Deal. Again these are only my thoughts on it.

HOT ZONE!  - is a restored cigarette paper using a virus theme is quite nice to see but I think there are enough  restored papers tricks just now .But Paul handles it quite well gets a few laughs with it.

RANDALL FLAGG - a self working trick where you say that you will take 3 chances to find his card three times you try but fail! Then you say "If we add the three cards together you arrive at a number count down to that number and you have the card." Although it is self working it takes a bit of getting use to as Paul himself says you have bit of counting to do but the effect works.

DUFFIE/WILSON CONTROL - another good idea here we have a control that can get you one or four cards to the top. I liked it. Of course anything that Duffie has hand in I like. Paul has taken the control and added a different hand action. All in all, the control is nice to handle.

INSTANT STEAL - based on a Lennart Green steal (also invented by Gordon Bruce but never published). Paul makes this look very natural and disarming.

These are some of the effects on the tape. There are a few more, and, all in all I don't think it is as good as his first tape Knock 'em Dead, but again this is only my thoughts  on it. 


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