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I just got hold of his tapes and to my mind I find them GREAT to watch and learn. Mr. Regal uses some gaff decks in the videos but he tells you if you like an effect and you think you can use it make it up they are not hard to make up. The first effect I saw was the...

DEJA VU DECK....Without warning a freely chosen card appeared under the hand of an unsuspecting spectator remember any card!

EVERYWHERE....Yesterday afternoon a selected card ran rampant taking over the identities of innocent cards through out a deck .Then jumping into a near by pocket!

CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE....This is a coin effect where coins vanish within the confines of a clear glass. The coins did not really vanish but penetrated a solid table to be caught below one at a time!

CLEARLY IMPOSSIBLE....This is a Coins Through Table. This version is good and that's about all I would say about this one.

THERE & BACK....I must say this really fooled me and when you see D. R. perform this so will you! It starts off with D. R. showing a jewelers mat on top of it is two napkins D. R. asks for a wedding ring. He then places the ring under the right hand napkin covers it with an inverted glass covers the left hand napkin with an inverted glass then asks the spectator did he/she see the ring go they say D. R. lifts the LEFT hand napkin and, behold, the ring is there! A very clever idea.

This is only a few of the items. There are 12 effects on VOL.1 there are three volumes in all. The other two are just as good. I'll tell you about Vol.2 soon.


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