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Justice is Mine

By Jim Boyd

This effect is by a well-known magician on the Scottish magic scene - Jim Boyd. Jim lives in Glenrothes in Fife. If you ever meet Jim and mention magic to him he is off and running!  Jim loves his magic, and when I approached him for a trick, he gladly said yes...after a bit of arm twisting ("only kidding Jim"). He forwarded this effect I hope you like it.

The origin of this effect is slightly tongue in cheek, perhaps even influenced by my association with the late Tommy Frederick (Fredrica). I notice all the current finger flingers and whilst admire their skills, I question their dependence on cards and the ensuing entertainment value. This effect was dreamed up to demonstrate I could also handle cards but the final twist was created to leave the impression of perhaps greater skill than I truly possessed. I have found it very acceptable to the layman who thinks they are getting an insight into the nefarious world of gamblers but are still left without a true understanding of shady dealing etc.


A demonstration of dealing does not give the answer expected by the unwitting spectators. Four normal card suddenly become the four Kings. The subsequent explanation of bottom dealing of the four kings, leaves the spectator non the wiser because the kings are revealed as four ACES!


Remove the four aces & kings plus one indifferent card from the deck. Remaining cards are face up. Place one indifferent card face down on to the deck, followed by four face down aces, then four face up kings. Turn the entire deck face down.


1. False shuffle the deck, retaining the bottom nine-card stack. An overhand Shuffle seems the easiest way, but you use your favourite method. 

"Most gamblers when stacking cards, don't allow the cards to be shuffled like this because it destroys any preset sequence. Even if I deal off a number of cards from the top of the deck, you will see that in a card game, they seem to have little value."

Deal off the top four cards, face down onto the table. Then with the right hand turn them face up to reveal their values.

2. "So you can follow the gambler's methods I'll stack these 4 cards in an easy sequence for you." Re-arrange the 4 cards to suit the above. "I'll put these cards face-down on the top of the deck, so you will be able to follow what happens."

The left hand fan-spreads these 4 top cards of the deck, right-hand removes them, again shows the spectator the sequence; and then replaces them face down on top of the face down deck in the left-hand. Get set for dealing, remembering to hold the cards in the same grip for all future dealing!

3. "Just as a reminder, you can name the 4 cards I've just shown you because you have to follow the gambler's methods carefully?" Bottom Deal the 4 kings face down onto the table as the spectator is about to name the previously shown cards and pre-empt his reply, saying, "Now I told you to be careful because these 4 cards are in fact the4 kings." Right hand turns over the 4 tabled cards to reveal the 4 kings.

4. "The 4 cards you were thinking of are still on top of the deck." Your left hand fan-spreads the top 4 cards of the deck, which are taken by the right-hand and turned face up to show their values, before being replaced face down on the deck.

5. Draw attention to the 4 tabled face up kings on the table. "In fact I cheated, I dealt these 4 cards from the bottom of the deck, that's called bottom dealing." 

As you explain the above, there is sufficient misdirection for you to turn the deck completely over in your left-hand, effectively bringing the main cards face up but this is not evident because you now have on top of the deck the the 4 face down aces, followed by the one indifferent card, also face down. 

6. "Let me show you that again, I'll put the 4 kings to the bottom of the deck and you can try and catch me out at bottom dealing." Action follows words - but - you deal genuinely the 4 aces from the top of the deck onto the table. A bit of play acting might enhance the ultimate denouement. Once the aces have been dealt, the remaining single face down indifferent card maintains the appearance of a normal deck.

7. "Did you catch me out this time? Well if you did perhaps you could explain where these cards came from." Right hand turns over tabled face down cards to reveal the 4 aces. "The moral of this demonstration is that you should not play with cards with strangers."

I don't intend to explain any clean up to the remaining stack of cards but at least you can now explain that all the above was your way of obtaining the 4 aces for your favourite trick/routine etc.

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