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The Awakening

By Roy Walton

The Awakening by Roy Walton (March 2000). This appeared on the previous Darro website, but got lost during the change-over. We found it again, so enjoy! 

This is Roy's variation on George McBride's "Sleepers."

Beforehand remove any four of a kind, lets say Jacks Place one of the Jacks aside and out of sight, it will not be used at all in the routine. The other three Jacks are placed into your right trouser pocket. The remainder of the pack is placed into the card case…this completes your set-up. 

Begin by removing the cards from the card case and have them thoroughly shuffled by a member of the audience. Whilst they are shuffling dip both hands into your trouser pockets and PALM the three Jacks in your right hand. Bring both hands out of your pockets and reach for the pack with your left hand.

As soon as you retrieve the pack explain to the spectator that you require them to deal the pack into three piles. As you say this, give them a brief demonstration by dealing the cards onto the table from left to right into three piles. Any amount of cards dealt will suffice at this point (the Palmed cards remain concealed in your right hand as you deal). Also make sure they understand they may stop dealing whenever they wish as long as each pile contains the same amount of cards. 

After you stop dealing and three packets are on the table, come across with your right hand and add the Palmed cards onto the top of the remaining cards in your left hand. Continue immediately by cutting these cards in half and dropping them onto the tabled packet to your right. This combined packet is picked up and dropped onto the packet to the left, again these cards are picked up and dropped onto the remaining tabled packet, all of these cards are now picked up and placed on top of the cards in your left hand. 

The Jacks are now on top. 

Hand the pack to a spectator asking him/her to deal the cards into three packets as explained. Just as they begin to deal however, say:“ I do not want to know how many cards you deal so I will turn my back whilst you deal”. 

When they have finished dealing and still with your back towards them, tell them to shuffle the remaining cards in their hands and place them aside. 

Next tell them to pick up any one of the tabled packets, shuffle it and to note the face card. They must now drop this packet onto one of the other tabled packets. The last tabled packet is picked up and dropped on top of all. This combined packet is now pushed into the middle of the remainder of the pack, which has been lying off to the side somewhere. 

To locate the selected card, turn around and pick up the pack, spread the cards with the faces towards you. As you spread look for one of your key cards (a Jack). When you come to this first Jack mentally count it as Two and continue counting along to the left. When you hit the second Jack ignore it but include it in your count. Continue counting to the left and stop when you hit the third Jack. (Make sure this third Jack is included in your count). 

You will now have an EVEN number in your mind. Simply divide this number by Two and count BACK along to the right from the third Jack, remembering to include this third Jack in your count and you will arrive at the selected card!

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