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By Val Le-Val

Val Le Val - what can I say about him? I have known Val for many years. He is a member of the Paisley magic club for many years more than I care to say. He is also a past president of S.A.M.S. and a very dear friend of mine. He also invents miracles from time to time. It took some arm twisting to get this effect from him. This is a variation of a trick Val saw and he then altered the handling to suit his own needs. I hope you like it .This is based on a effect by Sam Dalal.


A solid metal finger ring is shown, a piece of cord is knotted on to the ring with a hitch knot, the ring is then placed over a handle of a teaspoon, it is then covered over with a handkerchief, a spectator holds the handle of the teaspoon through the handkerchief, the performer pulls on the cord, pulling the ring completely through the handle of the spoon and the ring is still securely tied to the cord. The spectator now holds an end of the cord in each hand with the ring still firmly attached to the centre of the cord, the ring is now covered over with the handkerchief and the ring released.

This is a two phase effect. The idea of using the cord was suggested to me by Roy Walton which I think enhances the effect greatly.


A finger ring, a teaspoon, a piece of cord or shoelace, which can be borrowed, also you will require a gents pocket handkerchief (opaque as possible) You will also need a piece of toupee tape which has a stronger tack than double sided cellotape.

You will have to gimmick the handkerchief first (fig.1) take a piece of toupee tape, approx (2.5cm) which you stick to the handkerchief 5 or 6 inches down from one corner towards the center of the handkerchief, with trial and error and the spoon hanging down under the handkerchief from the center, the tape should be about level, with the base of the handle where the bowl starts. This is all the preparation you will have to do. Keep the backing on the tape until you are ready to perform.


1. With borrowed ring, shoelace, and the spoon to hand you are ready to perform. Thread the ring on to the shoelace by making the hitch knot (see fig.2). 

2. Place the ring over the handle of the spoon, take the handkerchief from your pocket and holding the spoon and the ring at the bowl placing it under the handkerchief ,as you as you draw the handkerchief over the spoon make sure the ring comes in contact with the tape. 

You now draw the spoon away from the ring and place the tip of the handle approximately center of the handkerchief the bowl of the spoon should now be about level with the ring, at this point you should be able to shake the spoon slightly to verify that the ring is on the spoon. Now hand the spoon through the handkerchief to the spectator to hold, make sure he holds it tight because you are going to give the shoelace a tug to release the ring.


Hand the shoelace with the ring still attached to the spectator to hold each end of the shoelace, it is now covered with the handkerchief. You now push the ring through the hitch to release the ring.

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